"I'm happy to say that Jay Armstrong's New Century TeleCommunications has been a very effective "one-stop shop" for all of my phone systems, network wiring, and many of our communication solutions. Jay and his people are very knowledgeable, get the job done right the first time, and have a tremendous product line to choose from. But what I like best about NCT is that they come when I need them and the price is always right! Thanks, Jay, for all your help over the years."

Darin Beck, CEO
The Barmuda Company

"We selected New Century TeleCommunications as our new telephone system provider for two primary reasons. They were priced competitively, but more importantly, NCT is here when we need them. NCT understands our facility, our operation and our goals when it comes to our telephone system. Service is the number one benefit of doing business with New Century TeleCommunications...and it's great that the price was right, too!"

Jeanette Dorn
Collision Services, Inc.

"New Century TeleCommunications is very responsive to our needs. This degree of service gives us the highest level of confidence with NCT. We know that New Century TeleCommunications will appropriately assess the problem and follow it through with completion until the situation is resolved."

Lisa Meester
Ag Services of America, Inc.